Week Forty-Seven in Cusco

Maravilla del Mundo

The biggest conference that I have done was the first one that Elder Huallparuca had to do… Pobrecito (little poor guy). It was the zones: Bellavista, Puno, Sicuani, and Julicaca. He did awesome though! He is a natural and I could tell the missionaries are more motivated in the altiplano. President is a capo as well… He is always teaching with such power! Today we did a little of the transfers for next week, and he even teaches my companion and me during those times.

I am writing today because yesterday I was in Machu Picchu. MACHU PICCHU. Which in Spanish means Montaña Vieja. Which in English means Old Mountain. I don’t really know how to explain how sweet the Inca story is or the Peru culture. Just believe me.. Its super sweet. We had a tour guide for two hours and then we got to explore. You know the Inca Bridge that Elder Uceda talked about in this last conference? We totally went there! In his story it was super dangerous, but about two years ago they made the trail safer and we didn’t try running either. Machu Picchu was a city for the noble people and the King, but the Incas only lived there 3 generations because the Spanish found them due to a selfish brother of the king that wanted the thrown. He covenanted with the Spanish, but then once he got to be King, they slaughtered everyone. It is super interesting to learn about the Inca religion as well! They worshiped “Inti” the Sun God, with other elements and animals. Their biggest God was called “Wiracocha” which translates as White God. He is the one who created the sun, moon, stars, earth, and everything on it. Super familiar right?

This week we end the conferences with Puerto and then do the transfers for next week. Super happy and super tired! I love you and miss you. Thanks for all the BDAY wishes too! Hermana Herrera has spoiled me with lunch, so no worries. I am so lucky to be here with people I love and that we are united in this great cause!

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell



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