Week Forty-Eight in Cusco

This week was tranquil.

We did the changes with President! We have 20 new missionaries coming in tomorrow, only one gringo. I am excited because the mission is going up in numbers with this group! The changes are always spiritual and always like a puzzle too. I find that the Lord sends me impressions only to help President receive the confirmation that this is where a missionary should be. IT IS SWEET. The Goodbye Dinner to those going home was a Relief Society meeting, because we have all sisters going home! Over half of the Sister leaders. A lot of tears (by them) and good food.

We travelled to Puerto this week for the conference! Wasn’t as hot as last time, but still hot. We worked in a few sectors to help a few companionships, and it went really well. Sunday was the District Conference with all the Saints in Puerto Maldonado! In his talk, President Herrera invited every missionary up to the stand and had us present ourselves. After he told every member convert to stand that was taught by the missionaries. Almost everybody stood up! I felt the Spirit strong, realizing a little more the magnitude of the work we are doing. Puerto is the closest district to become a stake in the mission, so we are working hard towards that vision. I have been reading 3rd Nefi where Christ is talking about the Gentiles receiving the gospel, repenting, and preaching to the lost tribes of the house of Israel. When I was standing up looking into the eyes of all the faithful first generation members, those chapters came into my mind. I am extremely humbled to be a part of this work! Sometimes we think that what we do in our callings are small things, without comprehending the miracles that God is doing every day. I realized that God has put a lot of trust in me, knowing perfectly my errors and weaknesses. I realized that I need to do all I can to keep that trust! I must be repentance and figure out how I can rely more on Him, rather than my own arm. I am so grateful for the reality of the Atonement, because without it I couldn’t be worthy to do what I do in the mission. This work you and I are doing is fulfillment of prophecy! In the greatest and last dispensation, we are preparing the world for Christs coming! We always here that, but I have relearned it this week. I would say to keep at it, wherever you’re serving. And if you don’t have a calling, don’t ever wait for one. There is too much to do! I love my Father in Heaven and grateful for His sacred trust that He has given me as a priesthood holder and a missionary!

I love you and I miss you! Always look to serve God, I know from my own experience that nothing makes you happier! Until next week J

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell



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