Week Forty-Nine in Cusco

New Change, New Me…

Dramatic right? No, we just started a new 6 weeks. I feel like return missionaries would have a hard time not measuring time by 6 weeks, due to the transfers that happen so routinely. We had 20 new missionaries come to Cusco! Only 3 that were from the States… It is sweet how we have so many Latinos in the mission! Only a little more than a generation ago, there were only a handful of Latinos in each mission. It is an evidence of how much the church has grown in such a little amount of time! It is hard to say that this is not the Lords church.

I love receiving the new missionaries, as you know. And it is interesting because we teach the same training always, but we also put enfasis on different points. This time we talked a lot about gossip and how we are a family in the mission. I think that gossiping is one thing that drives away the Spirit so fast and many times we don’t realize. Just peace, love and happiness bro. Read John 8:4-7. Then look at the footnote of where it says “stone.” Scripture power!

Elder Huallparuca and I are the same person. He is definitely one of my favorite companions that I have had! We are always laughing and having a good time. We have been trying to get out and get someone with baptismal date too! We had 3 at church this week. Raquel, the oldest daughter of Hermana Frida. Also a couple that always give us food every lesson! The family Figueroa! They are old investigators from other missionary’s, and I believe now they are ready to make the step to follow Christ. They told us they want to keep coming and the husband is reading the Book of Mormon. My dream is to baptize a whole family with both parents. I know that the Lord is going to help us with them! She always gives us a lot of food though… I used to love getting food. Now I only like it and eat it super-fast so that we can teach!  No hay major que comida peruana.

I miss you and love you! Thanks for the emails and pics! I think my other package got lost in the vast black void of the South American mail service. I do have the one shoe though! People don’t even notice that I only have one shoe on, no worries.

SIgue sonriendo –Elder Daybell



A cat was doing some breaking and entering this week. We named him Michi and then kicked him out.


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