Week Fifty in Cusco

Consejo y Conferencia

Good week! How was the general conference for you? Hope you felt your faith strengthened! I feel so grateful to have a Prophet. I knew that prophets and apostles were true before the mission, but I think I have really come to treasure what that means in the mission. I have seen we live in hard times, but we definitely live in the best of times! We just need to train ourselves to focus on the good things. After this weekend, I have been corrected and lifted; ready for the next 6 months!

We also had Leadership Council with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders. It was really good and we focused a lot about becoming an example as leaders. Example in obedience, in our goals and achieving them, and being teachers to the missionaries. It was super! This last month, we achieved the highest baptisms in the mission since I have been here. 81 baptisms in the mission! A lot has to do with the zone leaders doing follow-up with the missionaries and each companionship being excited about the work. I know that we have a huge potential here. We could have 150 as the norm if we keep building our faith! No lies.

I hope you are happy and preparing a package to send me. I think about you and pray that you can be loving life. If you haven’t written me in a year, write me and tell me about your favorite part of conference! And ALWAYS send me pictures. I love you!

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


The Machu Picchu Krew (Elderes: Valenzuela, Haws, Ordoñez, Boelter, yours truly, Vargas, Vance, Westbrook, Castañeda, Palacios, Mateo)


Compy and I sweating in a mototaxi in Puerto



Compy and I setting up for Leadership Council

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMy old ward (San Jeronimo) has a flag now! #represent







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