Week Fifty-One in Cusco

My baby cows (pun intended)

This week was a good one! My baby cows did swell up real big due to monster mosquitos. That’s right, my calfs have over 230 mosquito bites on them! Just from the knee down we counted two nights ago. Wild story!

First, you need to know that we did the conference in Abancay this week. Abancay is a little city in a valley surrounded by green mountains with perfect weather always. Sounds magical right? But the bugs are gnarly! 16 missionaries are in Abancay and Andahuaylas, which makes up one zone. We are doing 3 “Gran P-days” this change. We are going one day before each conference to do a bunch of activities and play some soccer with the zones.  It is to help the missionaries relax and have some fun with them! This week we went to Abancay to a park kind of up in the mountains. It was super fun! We played some soccer (scoredlike4goalswhatsup), tug war, handball, Frisbee, a sketch, and a bunch of other games.

Saturday we did the conference and divisions with the zone leaders! The entire city of Abancay is a valley, but like on a hill. I was working, denying that I was in any pain like usual, when I was just struck by a fever! When we finished the divisions, I tried to stand up and my legs were swollen and bright red. I honestly couldn’t stand up straight or feel my ankles. It felt as if my legs were on fire! That night my body was a roller coaster of temperatures from shivering cold to drenched in sweat. My rib cage ached and my head pounded, but then I did some drugs. Well, my companion gave me a blessing in the hotel and I took some powerful meds. Sunday they just itched a ton but I do not dare itch them. Now I am doing fine and they didn’t have to amputate anything! I will say that one more time for my mom: I AM DOING FINE NOW. Don’t want you to be worried J

Definitely a cool mission story. I will remember it forever because it was the worst pain I have been in for a little while. Other than that… the mission is doing well! We have Puno this upcoming week, so I am stressed trying to plan the Grand P-Day and all that. I will tell you how it goes! This three weeks are soo busy. I love it! Shout out for the Keeler family from Vegas that bought us McDonalds in Plaza de Armas today. First Big Mac in a while! If you see the missionaries walking around this week, give them a solid reference. If you don’t have one (everyone has one), at least buy them food. The best two years!

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Most sacred Inka Temple: Coricancha


My eaten legs and swollen ankle…


Horrible drive in the back of Presidents car!




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