Week Fifty-Two in Cusco

Lago Titicaca… Los Uros!

Good news: I am done with travelling for like two weeks! I think so. We left Wednesday for divisions with the zone leaders in Sicuani, interviews with Juliaca and Bellavista Thursday, Gran Pday Friday, Conference Saturday with 4 zones, then travelled home all night Saturday. The whole week travelling, there wasn’t room in Presidents car, so we went in bus… Stinky panay bus. With the senior couple, The Johnsons. They are from Hurricane Utah and teach English to the missionaries! If I didn’t have my neck pillow, I would be coming home in a wheelchair with how comfortable these buses are. Good memories!

The gran Pday we went to the floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca: Los Uros! It was such a one and only experience! We went with 80 missionaries… I feel like I could herd cats when I get home thanks to how hard it is to get 80 missionaries from one place to another. But we did it! The families that live out on those islands lived out there when the Spanish got to Puno. They have lived there for so long and literally everything is made of those reeds. The floor, houses, boats, everything they can make with reeds.

I hope that your Easter was awesome! Sunday morning we traveled with Presidente and his family to a “Family Group” (not enough people to be a branch) of members in a little pueblo called Pitumarca. We just opened the area this change, in the zone of Sicuani. The entire church meeting was in Quechua there! I gave my testimony, but in Spanish. I want to learn Quechua so much! The love and spirit of those members was so strong! The best Easter experience was to see those faithful Quechua saints partaking of the sacrament. I am so grateful for the Doctrine of Christ and the clarity it brings! I have found the joy in that special ordinance every Sunday through Christ and his Atonement! It was definitely a privilege to be with such a humble people actively taking the Santa Cena!  But they did kind of treat me like the prophesied white God that is supposed to come. Jaja, no they just love gringos.

I love you and miss you! Sigue sonriendo!

-Elder Daybell


Los Uros!


My companion dead as we travel by bus


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