Week Fifty-Three in Cusco

This is a week

We have seen miracles this week!! Carlos and Juana Figueroa are getting baptized this next Satuday. We had a busy first half of the week with conference and Gran Pday in Cusco. We played actually instead of directed it and my team was hyped! We came up with a cheer in English and Quecha, I went crazy. “Reason to lose? MANAN CANCHU!”

The conference was super good. The other conferences my companion and I taught on Ch. 10 of PMG for half hour, doctrine of Christ for the other half hour. This time we felt on talking about the Doctrine of Christ the full hour and the Spirit was strong! Mainly because we sent out a talk a week before, so the missionaries all had their comments of fuego. I have learned a lot about the Doctrine of Christ in my mission. I have strived to always identify it in the Book of Mormon, always teach it to my investigadors, and always live it the best I can. I have really come to understand that Gods plan is perfect and that when I apply the Doctrine the plan works perfect for me.  I still have countless imperfections and errors, but I am happy and progressing when I have enough faith to repent. When I am willing to sacrifice at least one thing I need to change on the Sacrament table each week.  Nothing brings more joy than applying the Gospel! I have scored a try in rugby, I have snowboarded fresh powder, I have even eaten a double-double with animal style, but nothing can compare! Life is good while we are trying to be like Jesus.

The family Figueroa almost failed us.. we went to a cita Saturday and Juanita wasn’t cooking for us and I immediately felt what was up. Carlos told us that she didn’t want to yet and needed more time. We just listed shared a little hope from the Book of Mormon and left. That night I prayed and was just meditating all the next morning on how we could help. We went to church and they showed up! Juana after the sacrament meeting told us that she prayed and overcame the fear! MIRACLE. I am so grateful that the Lord sends His spirit to those who humbly search! I have been a recipient many times, and I have seen it in many others. YES.

I love this family. They make us food every time and always talk over us or each other. I cannot wait to tell you about it this next week! I love you and miss you!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell

DSCF8360DSCF8355DSCF8381DSCF7965[1]DSCF8362DSCF8368DSCF7969[1]DSCF8379Chinchero; more famous Inca ruins with Catholic temples built over them

       New shoe vs. Old shoe
Gran Pday Panaroma y Cancha

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