Week Fifty-Four in Cusco

JOY… to the world and to me.

The entire mission had Noche Blanca this week! Which means many people entering the covenant of baptism with their Father in Heaven. Two of those people were Carlos and Juanita! I love this couple so much and am so happy for them. Last week I said that nothing brings greater satisfaction than applying the Gospel in our lives, but something definitely rivals it: helping others come unto Christ by doing the same!

Juana wanted me to baptize her, I was honored! But something funny is she had never put her head under water before. In the pool and ocean, she has never gone all the way under water. Tricky for baptism by immersion right? But she did it! She bawled when she saw the font and kept saying “I can’t do it, no no no!” walking down the stairs. It is a real phobia. I simply had to tell her to say a prayer in her heart and then put my leg behind her and tripped her, to be able to push her down in the water  (last part was a joke).  I am sure the members thought that we were baptizing her by force, but after she was the same happy Juanita. They gave their testimonies the next day after receiving the Holy Ghost, and Carlos is the most knowledgeable convert I have ever met. He explained the things we need to do for the Celestial Kingdom and just talks with such intellect. Future leader in the Church! I am grateful for being able to participate in this work that God is doing in this beautiful country with such amazing people.

In other news, the changes are today. We have the terminados with their goodbye dinner today and the news fly in from Lima tomorrow. I have many good friends in this group leaving too! Including Elder Vance, my zone leader that I have lived with since Christmas. But the good news about the gospel is no good-bye lasts forever! Only like a year in this case because he is going to BYU. Other good friends that I won’t see for a little longer! I love how the mission allows you to meet people you never thought you would meet and become such good friends. You should know that it is the same for all members of Christ’s church! There is always someone willing to be there for you. Maybe they are ignorant to the fact that you need help or support, but just let them know. You have leaders, parents, siblings, friends, and me! Most important you have our Savior that will ALWAYS be there for you. I know this because He has always been there  for me. For this truth, I am so grateful and I am willing to be here for you (through email or written letter for now.) I love you!

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Baptism of Carlos and Juana Figueroa


Elder Vance and I with the game face
Manuel (only speaks Quechua, strong recent convert)

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