Week Fifty-Five in Cusco

Many prayers answered

We had the new missionaries come in this last week! 17 with only two gringas. No white Elders! Because the whites are evil. No, I couldn’t tell you why. This group was special though! They seemed more mature than the last couple groups. We taught on obedience and I shared when Adam is doing sacrifices to obey and doesn’t even know why (Moses 5) and it was awesome! The scriptures always bring the Spirit.  We don’t always understand the commandment until after we are willing and obedient! Many times we need to simply obey and then the Lord instructs and blesses us.

As far as the work goes.. WEEHOO! Do you remember Frida and her two kids that got baptized in February? We have been teaching the oldest daughter, Raquel, for quite some time now. She listens to us, goes to church, and prays. But she hadn’t progressed in receiving her answer and wasn’t reading the Book of Mormon! The last couple lessons we have been studying a lot for her and praying, and she has started to see the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. Super spiritual lessons lately!

This week we went to visit her after the transfers ended. We taught on how we can recognize answers from God and my companion bore some solid testimony. Then I asked her if she had good feelings in her reading and prayers (for the millionth time since February) and she finally said YES! With tears in her eyes she told us her amazing story, only having to read 3 days in a row and praying for truth and God sent His spirit! I know the Book of Mormon is true! She searched and received an impression that she now cannot deny.  And I promise you that she was a super stubborn one jajaj. But now she accepted to be baptized this month. That book has power! I am seeing it in my life and in the life of so many others. Many prayers have been answered! I AM SO HAPPY FOR GODS HAND IN THIS WORK. I have been trying to strive more in the spirit for my investigadores and the missionaries this past couple weeks, and I continue to see Gods miracles through our little efforts. We also hit 75 again this past month in baptisms for the mission. We are going to keep progressing!! I am so grateful for Heavens help.

I love you and miss you! Cannot wait to Skype next week J

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


Changes! WIth the new missionaries at the Mission Home.


Bringing pizza to the news at the hotel (ft. Elder Westbrook, Ordoñez, Fawcett, Huallparuca)


Sebastian and Patrick (cousin converts) in seminary! Too early…


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