Week Fifty-Six in Cusco

¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

It was great to see the family yesterday!! I am sorry that I can’t talk for super long, but I would rather be exactly obedient in order to send the blessings to you! I know that those blessings for you guys will be worth way more than talking for 20 minutes more. Can I get an amen?

This week was really calm. We stayed in our sector all week and worked! Two days we did splits with the zone leaders of Inti Raymi and of Cusco. I worked with Elder Bever the first day from Oregon! He is a new leader, but doesn’t seem like it. He is learning fast and a really humble guy. I am positive that I learn way more in splits than the zone leaders do! The next day I worked with Elder Peña from Tijuana/San Diego. One of the most focused missionaries that I have met! His schedule would be: eat, sleep, serve, repeat. He speaks English and Spanish fluent as well! He is trying to convince me to go to San Diego for college… Temptations huh?

Tomorrow we have Leadership Council! We are only participating a little bit to talk about the success we are having and how we can improve to reach more. We have improved a ton this last few months as a mission! 81 in March and 76 in April! Now the last thing the mission is about are numbers, but imagine the joy we feel if we bring MANY souls unto the Kingdom. I know that the Lord is happy when we are improving at being efficient in His hands. We are going to make a funny video that I will try to send to you guys next week to celebrate the improvement.

I love you and miss you! Good to see you yesterday FAM and keep sending me pics!

SIgue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


Getting SWOLL… in the physical and spiritual.


Burger from PAPACHOS (famous restaurante en Plaza de Armas)
Jesus bread!

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