Week Fifty-Seven in Cusco

Quilla and Alpaca

I ate some alpaca today! It was delicious and way better than guinea pig. If you don’t believe me just ask Kevin Crandall (my fathers high school friend) who also tried both today. SHOUTOUT to him and his wife Jamie Crandall for taking my companion and I to a super pituco restaurant in Plaza de Armas! I scored two goalazos in soccer and have been fed very well which means good P-Day until now.

This week we travelled to the Garden of Eden (Quillabamba) and did splits with the Zone Leaders there. I wouldn’t mind serving there because it is literally paradise and the weather is an eternal spring. I worked with Elder Hatfield from AZ and he is a stud. I also worked with another Elder Peña from Bolivia in my sector this week. Almost all of the zone leaders are new! The majority are from the same group and they haven’t hit a year in the mission yet, but that doesn’t mean anything. I have seen in the mission that humility and willingness to do Gods will is way more important than experience. I have loved watching these studs grow and develop their leadership!

Speaking of our powerful leaders; we had Leadership Council this week! It is the best one that I have been to since now and I felt the Spirit a ton. President amazes me how much he knows the scriptures! He will share from the Old Testament something crazy or applies something from the Book of Mormon to our lives. It has inspired me to know the scriptures like a master. I have a long way to go but the mission is helping me! And for that I will always be grateful for the mish.

IMPORTANT: Hermana Raquel passed her baptismal interview! We had a lesson the day before to go over the interview questions, and she bore her testimony. She balled super hard and I was just so happy! Not because I like when people cry (actually awkward) but because her testimony is so real! I made her so many promises in the lessons like that she was going to be the strongest example out of her family, that she would recognize one answer and then realize how many she received before, of her huge potential, etc. and that was way before she was progressing. Now they are all being fulfilled by Gods hand! She told us in that lesson that she has received many answers and now can recognize them. The spirit totally prompted me to promise her that back in April. I am going to be so happy this Saturday/Sunday when she is baptized and receives the Holy Ghost. Weehoo!

I love you and miss you. ANOTHER SHOUTOUT to my good friend Tyler Teasdale! He is going to bring many in Mangolia the truth! We are blessed and should be humbled to live in such times where we can share this truth to others.

SIgue Sonriendo –Elder Daybell








Trip to the Garden of Eden! (Zona Quillabamba)



Companions Revenge (I only drool a little bit when I am tired)
Presidente y Hermana Herrera with GabbyLou and Ariella during Leadership Council

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