Week Fifty-Eight in Cusco

Alma 8:10

As you know, Raquel Díaz got baptized this week! We also went to Puno and it was doing some real cold.. We had spilts with the zone leaders (Elder Escalante from NV and I) and we were able to help out their sector a bit and thier zone too. Good people!

Story from baptism: the water at first was freezing. I told the bishop who told me that it had to be heating up. We kept checking and telling him that it definetly wasnt but I just think he was distracted or wasnt giving much care for it. We invited Presidente and Hermana Herrera to our baptism and when they showed up, they noticed the font was freezing as well. I have never seen a man run out so worried to get the heater turned on! Luckily, we didnt have to baptize in ice (last two times I have in this ward). Blessings!

I cannot really explain the happiness I felt this weekend seeing Raquel finally take the decision to join her family in Christs true church. I have learned a ton from her process of conversion! I have learned, once again, the power of the Book of Mormon. She finished the first book of Nephi before her baptism! And it is evident in her happier mood and being herself more. The Spirit from reading that book changes your nature! I have seen it in myself countless times in the mission.
I have also learned the importance of “laboring in the Spirit” for the people I am serving and teaching. I have pleaded with Heavenly Father so many nights that Hna. Raquel could recieve and recognize her answers. I have had so many personal studies completely focused on what we need to teach her and how we can help her keep the commitments. In the process, I have seen a spiritual growth in myself as well. It is one of the many paradoxes of the Gospel: the best way for you to grow spiritually is by not focusing on yourself. We progress best as we are helping others progress! I have said it once and I will say it a million times that I am so grateful for the success that God is giving us. I see His hand each day and am a witness of His miracles! I know that thanks to Christ and His Atonement, we are able to make convenants with God and recieve the blessings accompanied with those covenants. We live in such blessed times to know and share these truths! In summary, WE BE LIVIN THE DREAM.

I love you and miss you! Be happy and… Sigue sonriendo!
-Elder Daybell


Baptism of Raquel!


Pimped out my tire shoes; new edition “wayki airs” (wayki means brother in Quechua)


New scripture case for my quadruple


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