Week Fifty-Nine in Cusco

Hello… Again.

Another week gone! And this is the last week of the transfer… I do not believe that we are going to be getting new missionaries already! The mission is a time warp.

This week we went and worked in the jungle zone, Puerto, with the zone leaders. I worked with Elder Rueckert from UT. He is a newer leader and just killing it! Their zone has been improving in a lot of things and are being obedient. Less stress when there are zone leaders like him! It wasn’t a bajillion degrees this time, but still the heavy humidity. I love the jungle so much and I hope that I could serve there when I leave the office (if it be Gods will). Anywhere I go I will be more than happy.

Speaking of leaving the office, we did the changes this week! My companion goes home in  6 weeks and training for my assignment lasts that amount of time, which means that I am going to leave right now or I will be here until September at least. The decision President felt: I am leaving! No, I am just kidding I will be here 12 more weeks. I will be able to be Elder Huallparuca’s last companion and I will have a third companion here in the office. That usually doesn’t happen, but it works out because I have quite some time before I go home (in other words #2018). I am excited for the chance to continue serving in this assignment and definitely see the need to step it up!

We also have a new with baptism date! As soon as we baptize one, the Lord prepares the next one! Ever since I have gotten to this sector that has how it has been. We have limited time in our sector, so we have to focus on 1 or 2 only, but as soon as someone is firm in testimony another chosen person pops out of nowhere. His name is Natalio and he is a reference from a member family. We hadn’t seen him in like a 2 weeks, but he came to church. We taught him last night and he was the one who brought up baptism… He told us that he has lost all his fear and is determined to follow Christ. All we did was put his name as our goal for June in all faith and have been praying for him! God sent His Spirit because Natalio has been reading, praying, and going to church. This month he will be getting baptized. Can I get a WEEHOO? I love the mission.

I love you too! I pray that life is good. I hope that you strive to do good and to become better!

SIgue sonriendo –Elder Daybell


-first 5 pics(plane and jungle and monkey): Trip to Puerto Maldonado!
-Birthday of Elder Huallparuca

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