Week Sixty in Cusco


I have some horribly bad news. I don’t know how it happened! I never thought that I would have to go through a trial like this, but I know that life is a refiner’s fire. I just never thought that I would be the one getting burnt. Um.. I don’t know how to tell you this. Please don’t hate me okay? I have always tried to be careful so that something like this doesn’t happen, but it BROKE. The camera has BROKE. I actually think that it has a virus and there is still hope, but I won’t be sending my handsome pictures for at least another week. I hope that you can handle this and I will be always praying for your strength.

Other than that news, this week has been super super! We have 5 new investigadores and Natalio is progressing towards his baptism for this month. We are looking for people for the month of July and the Lord is helping us a ton! The sister of my convert Frida has the name of Gloria. Gloria and her husband Victor are super interested in the lessons and have already expressed to us their desire for baptism! Their son Patrick got baptized with Frida and her kids, so they became investigadores through us trying to retain him. The only problem is that they are travelling a ton this month, but I have faith that they will be ready for July! We invited them to this 8th of July and right now they are praying about if God wants them to be baptized on that date. They WILL receive an answer because they have the true intent to follow Christ!

Elder Craig C. Christensen came to Machu Picchu this week! With his wife and Elder Carlos A. Godoy with his wife. They stopped by to give us some Seventy wisdom and it was the best. It was only with Zone Sicuani, Inti Raymi, and Cusco but I know that his words will impact the mission. They talked a lot about how we are fulfilling prophecy and meant to be in this place. Another topic that Elder Christensen mentioned was the importance of understanding the Holy Ghost and recognizing revelation. As much for us as for the people we teach! It was fire.

We start another transfer today! So again with the new missionaries this week. I love the Spirit they bring and cannot wait to welcome them to the best mission in the world! Thank you for the prayers and emails! I call on those prayers to support me often and read those emails to know that you still are alive. I love you!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell

ps.. Just kidding about the handsome pictures! Elder Chango fixed it in like 2 seconds..


-Only way to sleep through the freezing nights
-Pancakes with the Johnsons!
-Heaven in a package (Shoutout Papá)
-Painting service before the General Authority sees the vandalism of Peru.

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