Week Sixty-One in Cusco

Paintball in Peru

Like my title says, I paintballed in Peru today. We went out to Oropesa (a little village like 30 minutes from Cusco) and played on a course! About 25 missionaries went from the two zones and it was really fun! También me enfermé con gripe por un ratito, pero ya paso entonces no se preocupen. ¡Está haciendo un frio pero tan frio! I don’t know how the Incas lived up here in the winters because it is doing some real cold in the nights.

The new missionaries came this week! 13 came and only one gringa. I found out that the mission is actually 70% latino! When I got here it was reverse I think, which is interesting. It is awesome because many are converts to the church and bring a love for the gospel from the start. We taught much on obedience like usual.  I read 2 Kings 5:1-14 and we had a discussion on the importance to obey even if we don’t understand or like the commandment. Training the new missionaries always makes me look on how obedient I am being and causes change! There is always something we should improve on in the Gospel, and that is what I love! It is a beautiful struggle, but more than possible when we rely on Christs power to perfect us!

We were going to have a baptism this next Saturday. A day before his interview, Natalio told us that he is going to start university with classes on Sundays… We have taught him all the lessons, he has completed with all his invitations, and now we must wait. It was a little sad, although not discouraging. He said that maybe he can find a different schedule but in a few months. I have hope that he is going to change his schedule in July or August, because he still really wants to be baptized. Be praying for Natalio! He is going to enter the gate soon, the Lord just loves giving me opportunities to work on that divine attribute of patience. I am working on it okay!?

I love you and miss you. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all those dads out there and especially to mine se llama Pablo. It is crazy that this Father’s day will be my last as a single adult.. No, I am scared to even joke about marriage. I will have at least 1 to 5 more! 😉 ¡Sigue sonriendo!

–Elder Daybell


Paintball Pro


Pizza to the new missionaries!
Contacting with the news in Plaza de Armas
He is taped to a chair becuase one elder is from Callao, Lima.
have a sad face becuase two elders (Westbrook and Boelter) are leaving the office…

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