Week Sixty-Two in Cusco

Pivotal point… I hope!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, depending on when you read this. If you are like me (before the mission), have a good 4:30am in the morning! This week we had a pivotal point in the mission I am hoping! To explain:

We have been improving a lot in many things in the mission. Like I have told you, March and April we had close to 100 baptisms each month. But in May we got pooped on and only had 37 as a mission. Sorry for the stinky reference, but it is accurate. The training we planned for this week’s Leadership Council was pretty much ask them what happened and take all the ideas. I was a little scared that it would just be a long, awkward silence of us feeling bad about ourselves. I was wrong! The zone leaders and sister leaders just came to the council with ideas and suggestions like fire! The best part is that they used so much time that we only had like 5 minutes to talk, so I got off the hook! Easiest training ever. I feel like I am going to do it next Leadership Council too! Honestly it’s not because I am lazy or don’t like talking (everyone who really knows me has asked me to shut up on at least one occasion), but because it was super more effective. We asked two questions: “How can we find people constantly?” And, “what can we do to improve as a mission?” I saw a new interest and drive in the leaders this council as they responded these two question. I hope that it was a pivotal point in how they see their responsibilities and how they act! Elders that have never been their own agents were making plans. Sisters that usually stand quietly on the sidelines were preaching. I am hoping that it was the start of a culture change in this glorious mission.

As far as our sector goes, we had a bumpy week. That is the nature of the mission though! I have no doubt that the people we have been focusing on will progress. We have a few weeks before conferences to help them with that conversion, and so I am excited. Our converts are going strong and thinking about the temple. No investigadores came to church, but neither did we.

We went to the Sacred Valley to a branch in a place called Calca. They just have a “house chapel” and they are few, but strong in spirit! We went with President and his family to help mend the hearts of a few mad members, due to things that don’t really matter. President gave us a chance to bare our testimonies of Christ and His atonement, which is by far one of my favorite thing to do as a missionary. After we went to Urubamba (also in the Sacred Valley) where my companion started his mission! We went to this super fancy buffet called Tunupa that was super Inca culture. Finally got a llama pic! I also ate ceviche which is totally against the rules, but I am a rebel… No, President gave us permission because it was like a last outing with Elder Huallparuca before he heads home in a few weeks. I asked Pres. as a joke and he said sure! I do believe in miracles.

I miss you! Keep enjoying the summer fun and send me lots of pics! My prayers will always be coming your way that you can come to know Christ and therefore be happy! Love you

Sigue sonreindo!! –Elder Daybell


unnamed (2)Llama pics!

unnamed (3)unnamed





Selfies with Gabriella y Ariella

unnamed (1)                                     Hermana Herrera taking pictures of me sleeping…



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