Week Sixty-Three in Cusco


This week was super tranquil. As in we didn’t have to do anything but work! We had 3 investigadores come to church which means they are one step closer to accepting a date!

We are teaching a lady named Karina and she is super catholic. Not super catholic in the sense of she is closed-hearted as she listens, but just has a lot of faith in saints and overall the mother of Jesus, Mary. She is a single mom with 4 kids! Her and her little kid Santiago came this Sunday and we have a lot of hope for this family. We have been focusing so much on Christ and His atonement as we teach and it has been interesting to see the faith of Karina start to turn more towards our Savior. She has changed the way she prays and has had even told us of a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon! She opened it right to the Topical Guide on the Atonement right after we had taught her about it, and felt the spirit. She has much faith!

We went on splits twice this week. Can somebody tell me why they are called splits? I feel like it is going to be a struggle to talk about the mission or teach the gospel when I am back among my fair skinned people (you) and talking English. Of course I will quickly adjust to my native language, but so much Spanish has crept into my vocabulary as I speak with tourists and they just look at me like I am on crazy pills.

Anyways, splits were super good. I worked with Elder Westbrook (UT) in my sector. Then I worked with Elder Iza (Ecuador) in Abancay Elder Westbrook is a new zone leader that just left the office, so we bonded this short 6 months here.  Abancay with Elder Iza has a perfect climate and I slept with only one blanket! I would like to go there and serve. President invited me to focus on a certain topic during my splits this change, and so far every time has been more spiritual. I think it will be the topic for the conferences as well, so I will wait to tell you about it!

I am sort of thinking as I write this email, so I pray that it has sense. Glad to get the usual wedding announcements and pictures of the summer fun! I am about as anxious as a mere cat for my brothers’ mission call! (super anxious animals if you observe).  I put in my guess as Mexico!! We will see.

I love you and thank you for making it to the end of these emails. Count your blessings because to be grateful is to be happy! “The struggle ends when the gratitude begins!”

Sigue sonriendo- Elder Daybell

DSCF8656Pic with Cusco in Cusco

DSCF8646Are you aMOOsed? This is an UTTERly classic picture. #cowpuns


DSCF8667Working on corn mazes in Abancay!

DSCF8642“This tree is almost as trunky as I am”

DSCF8660DSCF8659The birthday party of Ariella!


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