Week Sixty-Four in Cusco

Taxi < Bus

I returned to my Holy Land this week down in Puno and Juliaca. Unfortunately, we travelled in taxi in order to save time. I thought that I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my mission, but I recovered. I was able to do splits with a new leader, Elder Cook (UT), who actually started in my zone when I was in Juliaca. He is one of the most humble guys I have met! Only 18 years old but his spiritual maturity is around 38 years. Just by his example I found things that I need to change and how to be better in my views. I also worked with an Elder Melo (Columbia) with whom I have worked with many times and we always have a good time. He is going home soon, so I tried to pick his brain and learn all I could too.

I have had 2 focuses during these splits during the transfer.

  1. Learn something from each Elder, write it down, and apply it in my life.  I have easily found many things as I have observed each elder! It is obvious that every person has their strengths and God uses those strengths to fulfill His purposes. I believe it is so important to notice the talents of others! In order to thank them for that and to begin to develop it yourself. It’s important to realize the strengths and talents that you have too! In order to use them in every opportunity to bless others. (study idea… Matthew 25:14-29)
  2. Invite each Elder to seek to know Christ better and love Him more. This invitation was one that Presdente gave me in our interview at the start of this change. He told me, “As you work with the missionaries this transfer, you should try to teach them about Christ. Study something of the Savior each day so that you may be ready to share it. Invite the missionaries to seek to know Him and to love Him. Can you do that Elder Daybell?” I took the challenge and it has worked wonders! I have seen the spirit working each time I have invited a zone leader at the end of our splits! One elder even cut me off as I was talking to tell me that this commitment I was extending to him was the answer to what he was wondering lacked in his zone! This unraveling of events that started from a simple invitation, is another evidence that this is God’s work and that He communicates with President what this grand mission needs. God is the author of this story we are writing in Peru! Not any of us, we are simply characters if we choose to be instruments in His hands.

I have seen that if we try to get to know our Savior each day, then we will love Him more. That love for Him brings us blessings! We find it easier to be obedient and keep the commandments. We have motivation to work hard and serve Him with our all. We are happy and don’t feel the need to complain about circumstances. These are only a few blessings that I am beginning to notice in me! I love learning about the life of Jesus Christ! I continue to learn of His message, ministry, and mission and I continue to “stand all amazed.” Even right now, sitting rather than standing, I am amazed. So I guess you could say, I “sit all amazed.” No but in all seriousness, I am happy because I tried to know better my Redeemer today and felt His love. I will be happy tomorrow because I am going to try again! Please if you feel like life isn’t fulfilling, put in practice the same invitation that President Herrera gave me. I promise that through faith and patience, you will reap the same rewards I feel!

I love you regardless if you write me or not. But you should! Keep taking it easy and…

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSelfie with the palm trees of Abancay


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSmallest shower in the room of my first zone leaders in the mish!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRoom of Flags in Juliaca (with E’ Melo and E’ Walker)

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Where we always teach Hna. Frida and her kids! “la lavandaria”


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