Week Sixty-Five in Cusco

Nuevo compañero

Good to speak with you again! Hope all is well with the life and you are remembering to make the important things important! This week was 7 days, just like the last one. We were able to see some progress in inches too!

Karina came to church again! She didn’t have her kids come with her, but she has a true desire. We honestly need more time because when she is not working we are gone it always seems. I know that she is prepared and showing her faith by keeping the commitments. Another family with the last name of Cueva are doing well! It’s the family of my convert Patrick, and his parents (Victor and Gloria) have expressed a want to be baptized! We just need to help them understand that they need to come to church. They travel to Brazil, Panama and all over for work… But they are married, keep the Word of Wisdom even until coffee, and feel like they need to repent before baptism. Can I get a hallelujah? I am excitingly being patient for them.

We did the transfers this week, because we are travelling next week! Another reason is for my next companion, which is travelling right now to Cusco! His training will be a week from Elder Huallparuca and then my current companion is heading home! I have sent home 4 of my companions, and it’s strange. I know he will do awesome things and I am going to miss him a ton. The mission is hello and goodbye!

My next companion is… (drumroll please)… Elder Valenzuela! He has been in many of my pictures because he used to be the zone leader that lived with me for months when I first got to Cusco. Now he is coming back to the area! He is from Chile and already one of my best friends in the mission. I get so blessed with companions! We are going to work hard and play hard.

I miss you!

Sgue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell

DSCF8693DSCF8691Soccer every Monday in Cusco

DSCF8695“Fast Foot” (they meant to say food)

DSCF8698Cool Grafiti I did

DSCF8709Baby Jedi…

DSCF8704GabbiLu and Ariella

DSCF8711Pizza with the pension! Hermano Pedro and Hermana Coqui


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