Week Sixty-Eight in Cusco

Visit from a Seventy

This week has been one the most packed spiritual experiences, so I am going to have to do a day-by-day break down!

Monday: We had Leadership Council in the morning with Elder Juan A. Uceda and then a conference with 93 missionaries in the afternoon! The conference was on tables, which was sweet. Hermana Herrera liked the setup we did, so thankfully I got to eat dinner! I did a practice with Elder Uceda in front of everyone… I wasn’t planning to, but President just called me up. Luckily, I went pee like right before! The practice was a companionship study where a Seventy and I were companions and analyzing a video (the District 2) about missionaries. He just kept asking me all these questions and we were talking about what we could improve on as missionaries. It was awesome! I actually learned from something I said, which means it was inspiration, not me!

Tuesday: My companion and I flew to Puerto with President, Elder Uceda, and their wives. The conference was different, and still legendary. My highlight of this day was eating dinner after with President and Elder Uceda in the hotel. We talked for like 2 hours! Elder Uceda was telling about his mission. He is Peruvian and served in Peru. His last area was Cusco! He was the zone leader for all of Cusco and Puno. When he was here, there was only a branch of 6 people in Puno and now there are 3 stakes! Only the Lord can progress His work like that. He also told us about the callings he received after the mission! Made me think about how I never want to stop serving the Lord. Nothing can be so worthwhile! Elder Uceda is such a humble guy and I am super grateful for this week’s opportunities.

Wednesday: We flew back to Cusco, got in a taxi, and drove to Puno. President went in his car with the 70, but we followed in a taxi. Honestly wasn’t too exciting of a day! But at night, Elder Valenzuela and I ate a pizza that had alpaca on it! Que rico.

Thursday: The conference in Puno with about 70 missionaries. Elder Uceda had all the time, and pretty much talked on obedience. He has a very entertaining way to teach! He knows how to correct people extremely direct, but with a lot of love. He taught from the Missionary Handbook and I was humbled to see that I need to study that more!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we got to work in our sector! The Lord blessed us with 3 new investigadores and Gloria and Veronica are coming to church! This has been one of the most tiring weeks and one of the most blessed during my mission. I am changing the way I teach for the better and striving to be more obedient. But enough about me! I pray for you every day and hope that you find yourself counting your blessings. Did you fast yesterday? I am so grateful for the power of the fast and how it can amplify our prayers. I have learned something each fast in my mission and always seen Gods hand! I invite you to look for evidence throughout your day of Gods hand. Take 2 minutes before you say your night prayers to think back on how Gods hand was in that day. You will come to realize, as I have, that we are missing how hugely He helps us.  We have a loving Father that is always laboring for us! Appreciate that more. I miss you!

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell

DSCF8839DSCF8849DSCF8847DSCF8845Our famous morning run across the Puerto Maldonado bridge.

DSCF8837Setting up for Leadership Council; Elder Valenzuela, Ordoñez, Boelter, yours truly

IMG_5944The “blue steel” smoulder before the Cusco Conference.

IMG_5502Inti Raymi zone with Elder Uceda and Hermana Uceda

DSCF8868Playing some fútbol (like every Monday…) but with Presidente


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