Week Eighty-One in Cusco

¿Última vez en mi tierra, Puno?

We went down to my land of Puno this week. It may have been my last multi-zone conference where I am directing, teaching, and inviting the missionaries. I may or may not (totally do) know my transfer already. Either way I am going to save that for when transfers arrive in two weeks!

Anyways, we had to fly because President was in a rush to get back. We had a layover in Lima and I saw the ocean for the first time in a while… My sweet pacific ocean! The conference was super spiritual. This transfer has been really focused on our 1. Who are we? 2. For what have we been called? During all the splits last change, my companion and I have felt that we need to focus on helping the missionaries remember our purpose. As I was reading a “Missionary Commission” given by Elder Mckonkie, I even got choked up! In front of 60+ missionaries I almost cried, but the infamous “Grampa Daybell cough” saved me from the tears. It hit me in that moment the privilege that I have to be able to say that I represent Jesus Christ in all His perfection, even in all my shortcoming and error. What a humbling and sacred calling!

What also impacted me in that moment was this: That was my last conference in this assignment. After about a year of getting to know the missionaries, serving them, and teaching them, I will soon leave to another sector and another assignment. I cannot explain adequately how precious this time has been to me. These missionaries are so impressive. I have grown to love each one like family through this service. I may not see some of them for a long while! Honestly, that thought saddens me. I am going to strive to “not cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened.” You know I am quoting Dr. Suess. Somebody get on his temple work if it’s not done yet, that man was a genius.

I say it every week but… I love the mission! I continue to change for the better.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell

DSCF9300 Llama art

DSCF9308Elder Carlson, Elder Jensen, your truly, and Elder Clancy.The sons of the Cusco Moms Club.

DSCF9302Rugby for the first time in the mission! ft. Elder Clancy

DSCF9313DSCF9311Papachos restuarant with the zone leaders

IMG_7400IMG_7401IMG_7398President trolling me becuase of my panay (traditional Quechua lady) bag.


Week Eighty in Cusco

Remember , Remember, the Fifth of November

Why? Becuase Gloria, Veronica and Victoria were confirmed members of the true Chruch of Jesus Christ and recieved the amazing gift of the Holy Ghost! After many prayers and in the Lords timing, it has come to pass. It is difficult to explain the amount of joy and blessings I have felt during this  special weekend. Now 8 of this family  have opened the door to many greater things! On Sunday, I was humbled to look around and see 10 of my converts in the sacrament meeting. The priviliges of staying in one area for a year and for recieving many miracles from our Father that advances this work. I feel humbled to know and love these people and have the chance to help them. The mission is the most fulfilling time of my life!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I want to tell you about my favorite type of fasting. This week I fasted only out of gratitude and worship (Alma 25:1). It is something I have done before on my mission, but I feel like I need to invite at least someone who reads this to do it.

Here is the invitation: Refrain from food and water for a full 24 hours, only as a way to give thanks to God. Accompany the fast with many prayers, and in each prayer only express gratitude. As much as you want to ask for things, only thank Him! Everytime that I was reminded I was fasting, I immediatly started to count my blessings. I saw a delicious treat my parents had sent me, and of course wanted to eat it, but instead thanked God for my family, my friends, etc. My stomach would make a growling complaint, and I would begin to thank Him for my awesome health and dashing good looks (JOKE about that last one.) But the point is to not think you are suffereing during a fast, but instead realize you are blessed.

The promise to my invitation: You will gain a more eternal perspective. You will realice how much you truly owe your Heavenly Father. Your humility and faith will grow stronger. And when times of trial and hardship come in the future, your capacity to keep your gratitude will be greater. I know that this life is a good life! I know that its not always happy, but there is so much more positive in it. You may call me unrealistic or even naive, but I speak the joyous truth! I love you and miss you. I cannot wait to see you! But at the same time I can, becuase I have much work to do in Peru. (that sort of rhymed),

Sigue sonriendo – Elder Daybell

IMG_6556IMG_6553IMG_6551DSCF9256IMG_6559El Bautismo!

DSCF9254Cleaning the gross font

DSCF9297IMG_6611IMG_6606Picking up the new Financial secretary! Elder Larsen

IMG_6603IMG_6582DSCF9294DSCF9291DSCF9292Our Pday to the Salt Ponds in the Sacred Valley

Week Seventy-Nine in Cusco

Every day I am travelling!

I have nothing of time… I was carving pumpkins that I shall send some pics of! We came up to Presidents house and carved some with the zone leaders and his daughters. Great holiday times!

The summary: We had 3 conferences in Puerto, Cusco, and Abancay. That means a lot of travelling and a lot of trainings. During the President interviews, he asked us to give an added training on the Area Book and goals and all that fun stuff, so in all we gave over 6 trainings to the zones this week… I am exhausted!
It is interesting because I get 8 hours of sleep each night, but I am more tired than ever. I think that before the mission I was only expending physical energy, and so I could run on very little sleep. In the mission you have to use every ounce of emotional, mental, and spiritual energy that you have in order to give the Lord it all. I have been trying to give more each day.
I thought that I would feel the routine a ton being in this asignment so long, but I feel the opposite. I know that my time is limited in the office and close to President and his family, so I am taking advantage of every experience. Even the windy car rides when Ariella throws up! jajajaj I love President and his family. This whole week we have been with them, so it has been a blast. We practice english and laugh a ton in the long trips.
One thing I learned: We had just gotten down with interviews and it was around 10:00pm at night. We went to eat something, and then a stake President called that had missed his appointment with President Herrera (an 8pm appointment). President Herrera could have easily reasoned, “I am too tired, we have a conference at 7am, he is the one who missed the alloted time, I am with my family, etc.” But instead he left the dinner, told us to bring some to the hotel, and went to talk with the stake president. Such a great example of diligence and love! What was especially interesting, is that Sister Herrera was a helping influence to push him to give a little bit more and go to the interview. She easily could have said, “We havent seen each other, we need to talk about things, you need energy for tomorrow, etc.” But the two of them understood completely that we can always do a little more in service of the Lord. We can always take the long way home if it is too stop by for another! I love the important lessons that I am learning and applying for the rest of my life.

I love you and miss you!
-Sigue sonriendo Elder Daybell


4243C7FD-DD9A-4685-8536-B42EC476D793FE95D680-56CF-498F-B56A-C3067CAFE89F14CAC225-1859-480D-960D-A56942296C48Model Cusco sights

3DF34311-EFBF-4F54-87D8-CAB4BA47C1674A425675-EE3B-439F-BE4C-95C42282074DF98E84FD-4CE3-46FD-957B-A3E4FA8B0FDBMore trips and conferences


BCC0A294-AC22-4379-A55B-A993645B9286Classy man robot

AD8CD655-8C35-419A-B311-C0BD2E26A2983E69B0A6-F7C2-40C4-B19D-5CFE4428539056EAA697-AA5A-4B0D-9BBB-91F399A9A266EDF3619F-4E45-4517-B087-D5C87C6ABA4DPumpkin carving! My pumpkin is the sweet LLAMA FACE!

D8AAC245-61D5-419D-A29C-58A84A5AF7F9Car drives!

Week Seventy-Eight in Cusco

Estoy FAT.

First week of the transfers are always the same: my body getting fatter. I eat so much good food, I can’t complain. I am just bulking for two years so that I can shred when I get home, you feel? You know the drill by now of what my week was like!

Sending away/receiving missionaries! We sent home some great missionaries and friends with the Goodbye Dinner at Presidents. They all get a chance to share their testimony, and it is interesting to see the Spirit testify through the missionaries that really gave it there all. A few mentally ended 6 months before it was time, and I am always reminded to give more when I hear those testimonies. The new missionaries are always a help at getting things rolling after the “trunky” night before. I love how excited they are! So many Elders and Sisters come to the mission so prepared just by being ready, able, and willing.

Leadership Council! The zone leaders gave amazing ideas of how to help the missionaries and their zones. I love just opening up the conversation to them and receiving all their inspired ideas. That is how a council should be! This may have been my last, and I will be sad to leave the Jedi Masters. We gave a short training on the character of Christ. We read a few powerful scriptures that show many heavenly attributes that He strictly displayed. The invitation was that a leader for Christ needs to think about himself less, and think of others. If we can look to heal others, even while we are suffering, then God will give us the spiritual power to do many great things in His name.

Sunday! There was a national census (population count) in Peru and so we couldn’t leave the house until 5pm. I read 15 chapters of the Book of Mormon and watched almost all the Bible videos! The chapters were 3 Nephi 11-26 and I was beyond edified by the personal ministry of the Son in the Americas. The bible videos are also super uplifting and help us to get to know Him.

Having that chance Sunday has gotten me thinking a lot about the importance of Jesus Christ. I cannot explain in words (cliché but true) my feeling for my Savior! Before the mission, I really didn’t know who He was. Throughout this time I have been able to see that if we center our lives on our Redeemer, nothing can bring us down! If you ever think that the Gospel isn’t working for you, I encourage you to simplify things by only focusing on trying to get to know Him. I know Him and I love Him. I have the greatest desire to know Him better and to love Him more. I will be Christ’s disciple for the rest of my life!

I love you always! Sigue sonriendo – Elder Daybell

D6691802-672D-40B2-960A-BCDC3486BCAF2AD91DFC-9B97-4931-99D1-F2AF0C3A430B– Spitting fire from the podium

E2AF7A2C-28FD-4B42-A349-84740323B3343E47F0DB-A3A1-4FF2-8A7C-50FB2D2F74D84146268B-8671-4F75-94D3-A33FD4209F6C– Mega bed and projector? Si.

082AE726-BB56-4DA6-84E5-D65DBD7B352FF7CB7273-685A-4BCE-8A37-461529A703407C45EC89-9E12-4726-8597-6E537D060841BA3CA224-FC56-4311-877A-DE81BDD2C7CCD8AEF3FC-D8A5-4C96-9597-DCDCBFC471F237C5CFE2-33BD-494D-9B1F-EA9488E0501C51DEA49D-5C62-43B0-A427-12CAFA5EB63A7F422397-231F-478E-AFB7-9E37134E50B97918D061-74B9-487A-96A1-B97FF14D5F9C2FD9E934-FE18-4347-A23F-13B76DE5791BE966609E-9998-4745-AA0C-93FE88F07F7D-Hike we did today called: Balcony of the devil.

Week Seventy-Seven in Cusco

Peru’s soccer team has a chance to make it to the World Cup! We couldn’t work 2 days because they played Ecuador and then Colombia. It’s kind of a big deal, because Peru doesn’t win anything. I heard that the US didn’t make it and that Chile didn’t either. My companion is very sad about the latter elimination. But luckily, the work continues!

We have transfers in the Mission Peru Cusco today. The transfers just snuck up on me, again. Would you like to know where I am going? I am staying in the office, so give me a “weehoo” of pity! (joke I am happy) I actually found out that I am staying a few weeks ago. I pulled President and Sister Herrera aside to ask them in a very charismatic way if he was thinking about my replacement. He told me that he would pray about it, then a few days later said that I am in for one more! I will have been here for at least 8 transfers by the time I leave! That is equivalent to 50% of my mission (not including MTC). All the missionaries make fun of me… I always tell them to write President and tell him, “Elder Daybell has been here for too long! He doesn’t work anymore, he is expired, throw him out please.” We will see if it happens.

I went to my first Catholic funeral yesterday. The mom of Pedro (pensions husband) passed away, and they invited us to be the carriers of the casket… The customs are gapingly different, but more importantly the beliefs. I just wanted to explain the Plan to all that were there! Many at the funeral had a really wrong idea at where the little granny was in those moments. We are so blessed to have a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation! Every time that we teach it, I am reminded of the great truths that we often take for granted. By studying and teaching Gods plan, I have often times realized and been amazed at the perfection of it. Overall, I am grateful for the knowledge of Christs Atonement. It is a reality! I have felt His grace lifting me countless of times. And what joy it is to know that death is as natural as birth in this Plan! It is okay to be sad at times, but remember that the sorrow is not forever. It is a plan of happiness like the scriptures teach, but I also like to call it the plan of hope. And I hope that you have a testimony of this Plan!

I love you and miss you. Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Shven the dog chilling in the office with me


Contacting activity we did at a stoplight!


Soaked because the rain has been surprising us


Playing some Pday soccer with Cusco zones


Eating Mexican tacos with some members/references


“Vamos ser felices los 4”


– The “Open Doors” activity we did with the stake! We represented our flag like the Temple Square missionaries

Week Seventy-Six in Cusco

Es difícil pensar en que va a ser mi título, pero nunca son necesarios tampoco.

Allow me to start off thanking all my family and friends that write me! You lift my spirits and rejuvenate me to never rest the following week. All the pictures and videos of my siblings make me smile. All I would ask is that you keep ´em coming!

Last week has flown by, just like last month, and this year. We worked in our sector a ton and have found many new investigators. My converts are pumped, especially Raquel, to share the Gospel with others. Raquel introduced her friend Jeana to us and even brought her to church this Sunday! She wants to take the Mission Preparation institute class and tears fill her eyes whenever she talks about her love for the gospel. Raquel has the flame of a true convert in her! We should all try to rekindle that flame a little more.

We went to Puno for splits and I worked with Elder Ordoñez. He and I spent 6 transfers together working in the office, so we are homies. He pretends to be a bad missionary, but he is an excellent Elder! He left the office last change to be zone leader in Puno. We didn’t have many appointments, but we worked through the day. He is adjusting to being fully in the field and I just tried to spread some positivity and optimism for Puno.

I had yet another spiritual experience with fasting and prayer. Perhaps it’s too long to explain because I am lazy, but long story short: Veronica spoke with her dad, Victor, and softened his heart! He is now more accepting to have his kids baptized with their mom Gloria. I come to realize each day more that our small and flawed efforts cannot make much of a difference unless God intervenes with his Spirit. I am so grateful that His hand is completely in this work and that He hears our tiny petitions. I was taught in my personal studies something neat this week, and it is this: We are instruments in His hands, but the credit goes to the Musician. Or have you ever praised and respected the instrument? No! The praise is undeniably given to the One making the music happen, the instrument only has to make itself available. I am learning how to make myself more available for Him so that He can make a masterpiece in the life of everyone I meet and love in Peru.

Sigue sonriendo! –Elder Daybell


Week Seventy-Five in Cusco

La Conferencia General

How was your conference weekend? Mine was fabulous. For each conference in the mission field, I have been in the same church, the Inti Raymi Stake. I have truly served the mission Peru Cusco, having had more than half my mission in the Inti Raymi zone! I hope you can feel optimistic about the future of yourself and the Kingdom of God after watching conference! I feel rejuvenated to take on another 6 months and even more excited to ponder their newly revealed words over those months. Remember: all the feelings and thoughts you had because of conference wouldn’t have been for much if you don’t act on them now! Make planes to change because of what our apostles have taught us.

We had another good week working and stuff. Split up a few times with Zone leaders, but here in our sector. I went with Elder Peña (Mexico/San Diego bro) and with Elder Iza (Ecuador). Like always, the zone leaders are spiritual giants and help me see what I can do better at.

We taught this guy (Mario) yesterday that is super catholic. For those that don’t know, the culture of my mission is super catholic. Being in the high Andes, the traditions are strongly rooted in the people. When the Spanish came here and “converted” everyone by the persuasive sword, practically everyone still alive became catholic. Now there are multi-generational families that are staying strong in the mountains, while in the coast of South America has more so faded away from religious traditions.

Anyways, Mario knows the Bible like the Pope. He knows it well enough to see that there is something funky with the organization of his church and the images that he had the custom to worship. We taught him the Restoration, and the reality of prophets blew his mind! I feel like he is going to have many doubts to overcome, but if he can feel the truth, he is going to be a faithful convert. This lesson was 2.5 hours… Longest lesson of my life, but it went by fast because of his questions and doubts that he kept throwing at us. The Spirit definitely carried us through the lesson. Reminding us of scriptures in the Bible and helping us respond all calm. It was interesting because when I didn’t remember something, my companion did, and vice versa. The authority of this calling is something I will remember and treasure forever! Although I will not have it for that longer, I will never forget. I am going to miss seeing the Lord magnify my call, especially during the teaching of His gospel. It’s honestly cooler than having a super power.  It’s like… the Force. That moves within all living things. ¡Que la Fuerza te acompaña!

Sigue Sonriendo – Elder Daybell

DSCF9014Climbing the infinite stairs…

DSCF9019DSCF9017DSCF9030DSCF9031DSCF9020Paintball as Zone Inti Raymi


Week Seventy-Four in Cusco

The Infamous Double Dragon

It is strongly recommended that women and small children do not read this paragraph, for the horrific “double dragon” will be explained. Most elders proclaim that it is only a matter of time until the fire-breathing monster reaches you, and only a few chosen make it the 2 years without its fatal visit. In general terms, the double dragon is a sickness. When one has the experience of the same substance spewing out of the rear and out of the mouth, but at the same time. It is a scientific phenomenon, a miraculous happening. And it is painful! I testify that nobody wants to have the double dragon, but I am glad that I can say that I am a survivor.

It happened while we were in Puno with Presidente for the conference. We were there for about 4 days, doing splits with zone leaders and for the conference. My companion and I only got to the conference to set up and then after to our part because the rest of the morning we were in the clinic pumping liquid drugs into my forearm vein. President mentioned afterwards that they had to talk firm on obedience with the missionaries, even more so than the other zones. We are continuing to progress!

Marco Antonio was baptized this Sunday! On his 30th birthday, he entered the waters of renewal and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The service was super spiritual and his testimony in the end showed his Christ-like character. He didn’t do this for him, Marco just has a pure desire to help out the individual. He is going to be a strong disciple of the Lord.

Gloria and her daughters didn’t make it this weekend.. At the last minute, Victor felt like his daughters weren’t doing this for them and didn’t allow it. Am I sad? I was extremely pained, but not weakened. I hold fast in the hope that this family is going to make it. President Herrera told me the other day that on his mission he had a similar experience. He learned back then like I am learning right now that the opposition is real. The opposition needs be present and is often fighting strong! Our work is to keep an eternal perspective and stay on the right team. If we fight alongside Christ, then He empowers us to victory at the end of it all. We may be fighting different battles. It may be losing a loved one, financial worry, family or friends straying from the correct path, or perhaps the fight against our own doubts, weakness and errors; but I know that all will be made perfect in Christ eventually. I would say our work is also to help others have an eternal perspective and find/stay on the right team. If we strive to do that for others, the happiness and salvation we seek will be a natural consequence. As for Gloria, Veronica and Victoria: We are shooting for the 7th or the 14th of October! ¡Lucharemos!

Keep fighting and keep loving and keep sending me things. Les extraño un montón.

Sigue sonriendo –Elder Daybell

IMG_6106IMG_6113IMG_6129the IV fighting my double dragon sickness (intestinal infection)

DSCF8955DSCF8990Elder Valenzuela being lazy

DSCF8963Blessed Puerto missionaries

DSCF8974Soccer in the morning with LZs of Quilla

DSCF8987Street kids

DSCF8988Hip Hop album

DSCF8993DSCF8996Bautismo de Marco Antonio

Week Seventy-Three in Cusco

I am still in Peru. Stop. Things have gone pretty good this week. Stop. I am healthy and happy. Stop. We are still working hard against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Stop. Ephesians 6:12. Stop.

We had 3 conferences this week! One in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, another with all the Cusco zones, and a final in the jungle of Quillbamba. They all turned out well and we taught much on obedience. Presidents training on being teachers of the Gospel is amazing like always. And Sister Herrera always delivers with the importance of cleaning our sheets and bathrooms.

For Quillabamba, President couldn’t make it last minute because of a minor health problem. He ended up sending us with the senior missionary couple, The Johnsons. President told us to give his training, Sister Herreras training, and all the rest! In my opinion, he has way too much confidence in us jajajaj. But it turned out okay and we were able to transmit it. It’s easy to talk about teaching the gospel, but not so easy to talk passionately about the cleanliness of our bathrooms like Sister Herrera does so masterfully. The Johnsons are awesome. They are from Hurricane, UT. They always travel with us to teach and interview the Latino missionaries about learning English. I am definitely going to visit them in Hurricane afterwards!  They are good friends and they help the mission in so many ways. Shout out to Grandpa Jack and Grandma Sheila, who are preparing to serve!! More missions need involved senior couples.

Gloria passed her interview along with her two daughters! I couldn’t adequately express the happiness I feel. That happiness is going to double this Saturday as they are dressed in white, ready to do this covenant with our God and receive all the accompanying blessings. YES.

We have another baptism this Sunday too. His name is Marco Antonio! Super funny, musical, sarcastic dude. He has been attending church for like 8 months but at the wrong ward. His bishop just told him that he can’t be baptized there, so the Sisters had to pass the reference to us! We have been teaching him for about 3 weeks, but he already had a testimony and baptismal date. Super excited to see him as well! It is wild how fast you come to love the people you serve, as you serve alongside the Lord in His vineyard.

Love you and miss you! Keep being real and pray for Victor to come to his wifes baptism this Saturday, and to have an open heart to feel the spirit tell him what he must do!!

Sigue sonriendo- Elder Daybell


Sister Herrera taking pictures of my exhaustion hangover as we drive back to Cusco… Again!


Excersise from Elder FIncher in Consejo de Líderes

Week Seventy-Two in Cusco

Demasiado cansado estoy

I am going to have to do a day-by-day breakdown this week because it was another wild one! I am beyond tired and happy to be so, because it makes me feel like I am “wearing and wasting my life” for this cause (D&C 123:12-13).

Monday: We had the Goodbye Dinner with a few missionaries. People ask me if that ever makes me “trunky” but it never has. Yes, it’s been weird seeing many old companions bear their final testimony there, but not nostalgic. It is really a privilege to hear those testimonies! They always talk about how the mission is so life-changing and it really is. I have the chance to reflect on how it is changing my life and more importantly changing me.

Tuesday: the newbs got here. Jaja no they aren’t newbs, they are studs! We spent the day with them for their interviews, lunch at Presidents house, taking them to the hotel, eating Papa Johns at night. It’s pretty much a day where we get more fat.

Wednesday: Full day of training! The news also meet their trainers and we eat more food. The fun part is going to contact with them in the Main Square! I always remember when my trainer and I went and I stumbled through a few contacts in my pathetic Spanish. Feels like yesterday…

Thursday: we had Leadership Council. We usually have it next week but we wanted to kill ourselves this transfer. We were up the night before at like 11pm to set up tables… This whole week I haven’t had the chance to really sleep on time, but I can sleep in the U.S of A. The Leadership Council was amazing. We invited the district leaders for an hour to give a training about how to ask for numbers and President had us to a practice of the wrong way and the right way to ask numbers.

I have had another really spiritual experience in the preparation for our final training too. I won’t tell all the details, but just know that the Lord magnifies the weak servants that He calls! We have been improving in so many things as zone leaders, but we have been having the same results. I couldn’t figure it out until 2 days before the Leader Council I was kneeling to pray/sleep. Don’t tell me you have never done that! Started the prayer and then in the morning finished “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!” Anyways, there I was almost asleep on my knees and then I was suddenly woken up to thoughts flooding my mind. I hurried and grabbed my agenda, found a blank page, and began to jot down scriptures and phrases to remember using my flashlight. After that I passed out on my bed. The next morning, I went through the scrabbled notes in my agenda and had a powerful personal study. The thing our leaders are lacking is unity! Unity in the companionships of the zone leaders and unity as the leaders of the mission. We gave a neat training with an activity of scripture study and my companion rocked it on his first time directing and teaching in a Leadership Council.

Friday: We had driven to Abancay the night before and so Friday we had a conference with the zone. We only talked a bit about a few points in the Missionary Handbook, but President gave a killer training. The drive is still a horrible 4 hours of winding and turning, but nobody threw up so no worries.

Saturday-Sunday: Finally in our area… A rough one for our investigators not being able to see us all week. The fantastic news is that Gloria and her daughters are still progressing! They are reading and coming to church with no problem. They even invited us to eat! I got super sick and received a running case of diarrhea, but it was a nice thought of them. Never can trust the food in South America.

That was my busy week. I know that the day-by-day letters aren’t very dynamic, but I don’t know how to get all the information to you. Please, forgive me. I love you! I miss you and am always praying for you. I am confident that blessings from missionary service reach to the family and friends back home! I hope you count those blessings and send me lots of things.

Sigue sonriendo- Elder Daybell

DSCF8945Elder Valenzuela and I in front of the Pachacutec Fountain

DSCF8941Right before the new missionaries meet their trainers

DSCF8938The newbs sleeping deep

DSCF8951Palo de selfie in Sister Glorias house